You Think You Might Want to be a Consultant?

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Wednesday May 16, 2018

1 PM Eastern, 12 PM Central, 10 AM Pacific

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  • Maybe you just got caught in a big re-org and don’t like where things are headed, or, after almost a year of searching for a better opportunity your buddy says, “You’ve got decades of solid experience and you’re a true professional, you should become a health care IT consultant.”

    Now you start thinking, this could be my ticket to success. I’ve worked decades for different health organizations and what do I have to show for it?  Small bonuses and COLA increases and a ‘best employee of the month’ award after way too many on-call nights.  But when I ‘m a consultant I’ll be working for myself, not those executive flip-floppers and not for an unpredictable, unappreciative boss. As an independent consultant I can control my own destiny, work at home, work hard and make as much money as I want with no limits. I know the health care industry and can show people how to do things right. The sky’s the limit!

    Not so fast, consulting offers many advantages, and many pitfalls. This webinar will discuss both the rewards and the risks of moving into a full time consulting role, as an independent, or part of a large firm. It will present a checklist you can apply to assess whether consulting is a good fit for you and present the ground work necessary to be a successful consultant.
    The webinar will address these critical questions;

    What are the right and wrong reasons to go into consulting? Can you do it part time and continue in your current job? Who hires consultants and why? What are the different consulting roles? Which am I best suited for? Should you start your own firm, join a large group, or join a ‘federation’? What personal attributes make for a good consultant? How do you determine your billing rate and what is ‘realization’? How do you find the next project?

    The webinar will be presented by Frank Poggio, a frequent contributor to HISTalk.


Frank L. Poggio

Frank is CEO/President of The Kelzon Group, a firm that focuses on health information systems issues.  He has over forty years of experience in the health care industry having been a hospital CIO and CFO, software entrepreneur, and industry consultant.  He has completed consulting engagements for both large and small hospitals, and major vendors of health information systems.  Previously, he was General Manager of Mediware, Inc, President of Citation Computer Systems, Inc., and an EVP at Pharmacy Data Systems along with founding companies and serving in other executive-level roles in healthcare IT.