Pairing a High-Tech Clinical Logistics Center with a
Communication Platform for Quick Patient Response


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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

1 PM Eastern, Noon Central, 10 AM Pacific

Brought to you by Voalte and Zebra

  • Medics at Nemours Children’s Health track vital signs of patients in Florida and Delaware from one central hub, acting as eyes and ears when a nurse is away from the bedside. Close monitoring 24 hours a day integrates data from the electronic health record, such as critical lab results, and routes physiological monitor and nurse call alerts directly to the appropriate caregiver’s smartphone. This session explores how the Clinical Logistics Center and more than 1,600 Zebra TC51-HC Touch Computers running Voalte Platform connect care teams at two geographically dispersed sites for better patient safety and the best possible outcomes.

    Target Audience
    This webinar is designed for people in the following roles: CIO, CTO, CMIO, IT Director, CNO, CNIO, VP of Nursing, Director of Nursing, Nursing Managers, and Clinical Informatics Managers.

    Learning Objectives:

    1)  How a centralized command center monitors patients at geographically disperse sites
    2)  How to route critical lab results, physiological monitoring and nurse call alerts directly to the appropriate clinician's smartphone
    3)  How to leverage technology as extra eyes and ears for patient safety

James Schnatterer

With more than 30 years of healthcare
experience, James has spent the past seven years as a member of the Clinical
Applications Leadership team at Nemours Children’s Health System. Through a series of progressively challenging roles, from Manager of Patient Services to Business Process Consultant to Senior Analyst, James has built his career on improving the patient experience. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Wilmington College, and an MBA with a concentration in Healthcare from
Wilmington University

Mark Chamberlain

Mark joined Nemours seven years ago,
after a critical role as an analyst in opening the 95-bed pediatric hospital in Orlando. A couple of years later, he supported the opening of Nemours’ Wilmington,
Delaware, 195-bed expansion. Mark provides technical support for systems such as patient monitoring, nurse call, alarm
middleware, patient engagement, nursing
communication, pediatric protection and various OR systems. He sits on the Alarm Overview and Clinical Technology
committees, and provides Voalte training for all new hires along with on-call support 24/7. Mark joined Nemours after working at CareFusion, where he was an analyst supporting supply dispensing implementations. He has worked with healthcare
organizations in Atlanta, Tampa and
Miami. Mark leads the Voalte Platform project implementation for both Nemours hospitals.