Converting Consumers into Patients:
Strategies for Creating Engaging Digital Experiences
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THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2018

1 PM Eastern, NOON Central, 10 AM Pacific

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  • Nearly three-quarters of US adults use a digital channel to manage their health and the internet to track down health information. It’s clear that consumers have come to expect online interactions as an integral part of their overall patient experience. In fact, the Internet may be the first way people come in contact with your organization. They have more choice than ever on where to get healthcare services, and their decisions are increasingly influenced by how well organizations connect with them in the digital space. This webinar will show you how to create engaging digital and web experiences that convert casual consumers into patients and keep them satisfied throughout their entire patient journey.
    This webinar is geared toward the following executives and professionals: Marketing, Patient Access, Patient Experience/Patient Engagement, Communications, Digital Content, Patient Education, Healthcare IT, and Quality of both healthcare providers and ACO organizations.
    Learning Objectives
    Attendees of this webinar will be able to describe how to:
    1)  Drive traffic growth in their digital channels using targeted campaigns.
    2)  Increase the digital reach of their website and patient portal.
    3)  Use patient education content to supplement their digital messagings

Antonia Chappell

Antonia is the Director of Consumer Solutions at Healthwise. She has spent her career at the intersection of digital media and emerging technologies, working with innovative companies including TiVo, HBO, Warner Music Group, and Social Good Network to create engaging consumer applications and enterprise solutions.

Josh Schlaich

Josh Schlaich is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Healthwise, and has spent over a decade in marketing, digital channel development, content production, and communications.  His experience ranges from management at a major media conglomerate to marketing and digital strategy for a 700+ bed integrated health system in Idaho & Oregon.