Operationalizing Data Science Models in Healthcare


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Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Noon Eastern, 11 AM Central, 9 AM Pacific

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  • As healthcare organizations are becoming more adept at developing models, building the skills required to manage, validate, and deploy these models efficiently remains a challenging task. We define operationalization as the process of managing, validating and deploying models within an organization.  Several industry best practices, along with frameworks and technology solutions exist to address this challenge.  An understanding of this space and current state of the art is crucial to ensure efficient use and consumption of these models for relevant stakeholders in the organization.
    This webinar will give an introduction and overview of these key areas, along with examples and case studies to demonstrate the value of various best practices in the healthcare industry. 

     Target Audience
    This webinar is designed for data science leaders (CIO, chief data officer, chief analytics officer, data science manager, etc.) and data scientists. It will also be valuable to engineering managers and leads responsible for integrating data science models into their applications and development operations pipeline.
    Attendees of this webinar will be able to:

    1)  Operationalize data science models in their healthcare organization
    2)  Evaluate current approaches and frameworks for model management
    3)  Articulate best practices and solutions for model and data validation
    4)  Describe best practices for integrating models in their organization's application development process
    5)  Assess best practices for deploying models in their organization's infrastructure

Yugal Sharma, Ph.D.

Yugal is Vice President - Data Science and leads CitiusTech’s data science & consulting proficiency. He has over 17 years of experience as a scientist and consultant, applying and managing predictive analytics and machine learning approaches to solve complex problems.  Yugal has previously worked for Big 4 consulting focusing on business development and delivering advanced analytics strategy for healthcare and life science clients. Yugal received his Ph.D. in Biophysics from the University of Cincinnati.

Vinil Menon

Vinil is Vice President - Enterprise Applications Proficiency at CitiusTech, responsible for product engineering, QA, cloud, development operations, and mobile practices. He has over 18 years of product engineering experience, and over 10 years in healthcare - across medical imaging, patient portals, personal health records, cloud adoption and digital enablement. He has been a speaker and a panelist at various conferences.