How Hospitals and Practices Can Respond to Consumerism by Better Engaging Patients Through Price Transparency
and Payment Options

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

1 PM Eastern, 12 Noon Central, 10 AM Pacific

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  • Healthcare consumerism and high-deductible health plans require providers to offer upfront estimates and payment options throughout all points of service. In his webinar will we’ll discuss consumerism as a critical area of opportunity in revenue cycle management, review numerous areas across the revenue cycle where your staff interacts with patients and leaves lasting impressions. From your first interaction with patients on the phone to discuss financial responsibility; to collecting payments at all points of service; to offering payment plans and various payment options - these are all areas that can be game-changing. With the right approach to consumerism, you can improve patient collections and optimize revenue from the start, while also improving the overall patient experience.

    This webinar is geared toward providers, physician practices, billing services and hospitals.

    Attendees of this webinar will be able to:
    1)  Apply primary metrics for measuring success of consumer engagement initiatives and identify areas where consumers are seeing drastic improvements
    2)  Implement new processes in patient access to better engage patients and help increase patient collections
    3)  Develop a new approach to your organization’s consumer payment strategy

Kathy Moore, President at Moore Martini Medical

Kathy has a BA in Medical Microbiology and a MBA in Marketing and Sales, and as an industry veteran and the owner of Moore Martini Medical has over 30 years of experience in the medical and dental fields. Prior to forming Moore Martini Medical, Inc., she worked as Corporate Trainer and Senior Sales Representative for Kendall Healthcare Products-Tyco; Senior Sales Representative for MetPath Laboratories; Senior Sales Representative for Regent, Inc. and Area Sales Manager for SRI/Surgical.

Linda Glidewell, VP, Business Development, Consumer Payment Solutions at Change Healthcare

Linda works with providers, health systems, and partners to improve consumer payment collections through personalized payment and communication channels and has a deep history in payments and the healthcare industry.
Before joining Change Healthcare, Linda was SVP, Healthcare Solutions at Citibank, where she helped launch a digital healthcare consumer payments solution. She also served as VP, Healthcare Solutions Account Manager and Healthcare Product Manager at JPMorgan Chase, engaged in the design and support of new solutions to automate healthcare payments, address reconciliation challenges, and support patient on-line and point-of-care payments.